We are nothing..and yet we are everything.

A concept which has eluded me for quite some time. But I think what it comes down to is choice.

We can choose to be nothing…act like we are part of this worlds cruel yet necessary illusions. Feel like a speck of dust on the cosmic starry wall. Like we don’t matter individually at all. Like we don’t contribute to the collective consciousness.

We could take no responsibility for the fact that our emotions our thoughts and vibrations ripple through each and every living thing on this earth.

It sure seems depressing but it also seems easy.

OR we could realize that we are everything. Choose to be everything. To acknowledge that we are each an imperative piece of the universes mosaic. Like puzzle pieces we fit perfectly with all the rest. But individually we are incredibly unique. Each a manifestation of the goddess and god energy a projection of creation. Each of us vital to the earths heartbeat. I hope you will choose to shine bright and unrelenting with me:)


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