As spring has begun to sprung I am reminded that the winter is almost dead. The time for introspection and isolation has come to an end. During the winter months many of us feel low in energy and possibly even depressed.
Lack of sunlight will do that to ya.

Winter is viewed as darkness and death. Which forces people to perceive it as such. The problem is not this. But the fact that we are predisposed and conditioned to think of darkness and death as bad. 

The darkness looms over us and what many don’t realize is that as humans we are meant to “hibernate” for lack of a better word. Just like the animals. No we aren’t supposed to sleep away the winter or have 10,000 acorns hoarded for our isolation. 

But that would be pretty fucking cool.

Rather we are meant to look inside our souls during the dark for when it is dark you can truly see yourself. 

Winter is mediation and revelation.

Spring is the time to take those insights and revelations and put them into action accordingly.

Death is not the end but rather the beggining of a new journey. Nature too must die to grow again. But as I walked outside today I noticed the life blooming before my very eyes.

And that reminded me how fucking good it felt to be alive.


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