20 facts about trippy Nikki 

I was ever so inspired by all these wonderful bloggers who did a list like this. I think it’s a grand idea! 🙂 thanks guys! 

So here goes!
1) I believe I am not a human. I have always felt my soul originated from somewhere else. I am convinced I am half alien half mermaid. 

2) I have never doubted the existence of mythical creatures I used to go fairy catching. In high school they made fun of me but I maintain my beliefs to this day!

3) I am a survivor of abuse-verbal physical and sexual. But it is the verbal abuse that has truly stuck with me all these years.

4) I am no contact with my abuser. My mom. For 3 years now. And I will never go back.

5) because of my estrangement from mother I also have not spoken to my 2 brothers in 3 years or my stepfather. I stayed to endure abuse so my brothers wouldn’t have to. It hurts but I understand and wish them no harm.

6) I am and always have been funny as fuck. The funniest person I know.

7) I am a feminist.

8) I lost my best friend of 15 years to heroin. But that was a long time ago.

9) I have struggles with addiction for years on and off. I always seem to teeter on the line of causal use and full blown addict. Mostly coke adderall and downers. But opiates have always been my true weakness.

10) I am a marijuana enthusiast I believe it expands the mind beyond our simple dimension.

11) spirits have been speaking to me since I was 5 years old.

12) I have no idea who my biological father is. My mother refuses to tell. But I have been searching and there’s been a few breaks in the case.

13) I have never broken a bone.

14) I hate working a menial job I refuse to bow down to the man and will only work under the table or for myself.

15) I am so incredibly happily married. He is my other half my twin flame and I believe we are two parts of one soul he is the masculine to my feminine.

16) I believe God is a woman. I worship both the god and goddess but I believe the origin of all creation is female.

17) I am a natural blonde.

18) I can sing 🙂 

19) I have always wanted to be an author. I used to write me own books as young as 6 years old.

20) My full name is Nicole Elizabeth but I have been Nikki for as long as I remember. I barley answer to Nicole.


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