Free when I fly

I have been MIA

What can I say? 

The life of an optimistic and addiction fueled woman is no crying shame.

I have never left the country let alone the state. 

If it was up to me I would never change.

I have lost chunks of time and convinced myself they must be memories not worthy of taking up space in my mind.

I went on a dope binge.

I went on a coke binge-to counteract my fatigue.

My pupils were pinpricks 

like only a dope fiend bitch 

could understand. 

My pupils were saucers

like machines from outer space.

The kind a fellow tweaker could understand-after they’ve cleaned the white powder off the table with their face.

I am real when I am high.
I am free when I fly.

Eternally I shall soar across the open sky.

My love my drugs and I.


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