Self love

True self love will not be mistaken for greed and lack of empathy. Instead true self love, when we are perfectly in love with ourselves and aligned with a radiating force that can not be penetrated but rather it can only grow and vibrate so high others will be at its mercy. Loving ourselves first is the only way to set a true example of where we came from and from where we are meant to return! 

Nikkithemystic ✌️⚡️

You matter.

We were once the stuff of stardustWe were once the sun and moon.

Long before you got here

You were an imperative piece of the galaxy’s mosaic 

put together 

Piece by piece by the very goddess herself

You matter.


Today I walked the earth I finally felt her heart beat beneath my feet.

As I smoked my poison sticks I could hear her screams with each nonchalant flick.

She cried with all the eyes of every bird in the dusty grey skies.

She felt with every fiber of every living man woman and child.

Human beings can be so beautiful. Human beings can be equally as vile.

I will continue wait for the day tha I see the earths inner smile.



I have no shame
I refuse to put blame

On those who are working to better themselves. 

Mistakes we have made.


But who are we to judge those at their worst

We are all simply striving to be our best. 

I will not deny my tortured mind the chance to fall nor the right to rise.

Bite me

They say I am too loud.

They say that I am flighty.

Flakey and obnoxious.

Jumping to quickly from topic to topic.

That I have the oddest stream of consciousness.

So I decided to write thee.

You know what I say?

You can fucking bite me. 


It was a weeknight but we didn’t care

Especially once we swallowed the vile mushrooms and began to walk on air.

I could conquer the world. I could see the music in front of me.

Wrapped in a blanket of love that only I could feel. Was I alive..was any of this world even real?

Wandering through the woods with nothing but the moonlight to guide us.

I felt the earth breathe. Heavy and steady beaneathe my own two feet.

This was the last time I ever questioned if the universe resided inside me.



I never thought I would be here. And by here I mean HERE in the now.

As cliche as it may sound it truly is the only way to happily love to successfully LIVE. 

My mind is a very poorly tuned instrument. But it’s worth the investment. 

It’s worth the cuts the wounds filled with blood and dust and the general discontentment. 

Most of all it is worth it for the bountiful lessons.


I accept you for the evil that you are.

I can no longer continue my futile attempts at resisting the memories of being your forever enemy.

Forgive and release. Is not as simple as it seems. Rather it’s an exorcism of everything I thought you and I should be. 

I know you won’t you leave quietly. I know you will torture my mind and my soul. I know you will burn my body and laugh through my screams.

Fuck you.

I am stronger than you will ever be.

Channeled poetry 

I have such a strong love for human beings. Although I am not one of you …

I recommend the meaning of love so true and how to use it to fuel everything absolutely everything you do. For if you speak from a place a of authentic truth then nothing and no one can ever shake you.

You must understand your emotions are of the land and not of the soul who continues to grow and yes even after- especially after the body had become crippled and old. So nourish it well only time will tell. 

Though truly time does not exist. There is no clock or date on the calendar that can tell you what you’ve missed. It’s an illusion at best a controlling mechanism at worst. And when that conditioned bubble begins to burst

 hell yes it will hurt.

It is the ripping of the conditioning from the true you that has been missing. 

But the pain is fleeting and the journey gives life incredible purpose and heavenly meaning. 

So before you you succumb to the pain on this earthly plane just know how much you are needed. 

You are so much more important then anyone whose ever doubted you would have you believing.💞🌎👽💫